Sensation / Forever

by American Grandma

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written, recorded, and produced by Jennifer Lynn Keller and Caden Marchese at home in Boulder Colorado from June-December 2016

Boulder, Colorado based artist Jennifer Keller, (19) has been recording dream pop songs in their bedroom under the name American Grandma since they were 14 years old. For their 7th release, Sensation/Forever, they have teamed up with bassist, multi instrumentalist, and producer Caden Marchese to create the cleanest sounding American Grandma album yet, while still showcasing the intensely vulnerable songwriting that is signature to their previous releases. Out now on First Base Tapes, American Grandma – Sensation/Forever.


released January 1, 2017



all rights reserved


First Base Tapes Boulder, Colorado

An independent cassette label in Boulder, Colorado, dedicated to showcasing artists within the Denver/Boulder family, and locking lips with anybody/everybody.

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Track Name: Ritual
sword in your head
is it still there
climb into my bed and show me where
testing the tie we made back then
holding the weight of everything
is it so strong
such a thin line
tracing a map inside my mind

eyes roll back sigh
i gave you something you wanted
afterwards, cry
ritualistic and haunted

in nervous looks and brushing arms
at jesses house with racing hearts
blue lights and ghosts and dripping sweat
i hope it isn't over yet
we're in my room listening to shrines
you feel it now
tighten the binds
Track Name: Silver Bullets
momentarily out of body
a drop in a pool
silver bullets on the rug
and I'm inside her mouth
hurts but I'm taking it well

don't want to know what i said
the truth will leak
onto my shirt
later in privacy
where you won't see me

a footprint on a lunar surface will always stay
my sense of double consciousness gets in the way
Track Name: Vex
a hand cupped around an ear so they can hear
a big group dancing and a lot of beer
you swear if you weren't here she'd have eyes for me
sounds like a lie to me

is it the way you dress
would you talk to me like you talk to them
embodying experience
you're on your knees you lick your lips

i still want to fuck your girlfriend

a dream stuck inside my head my eyes are red
i only remember when I'm on my bed
you swear if you weren't here she'd have eyes for me
sounds like a lie to me
Track Name: Splintered
distance between
a big thumbs up
it was a gun
feed me i want to be strong

lips to a hole in your neck
bodies divided by sunlight and shadows of blinds

tastes sweet
smooth in my hands
i feel like i could die
protect me though i can be cold
Track Name: Strange Guilt
I'm just conceited or i noticed something
about the way you look at me when I'm talking
about something stupid i shouldn't be nervous
did i really see this or am i imagining
its happened before

i wrote a song about you and you know it
one night in the winter came home from a party
we were joking around and you said that you wished you could fuck me

i hope no one reads this and finds out how stupid i am

if you knew me at all you would know i remember
if i knew you at all i would know that you don't
if you knew me at all you would know i remember
if i knew anything at all i would know nothing matters

all of the little things to me are important get forgotten
Track Name: A Tiny Submersible Machine
id drink your blood if i could
a letter a book a soundtrack pressed on wax
a connection, show me your skin
you want it to hurt
strawberries covered in wet dirt
Track Name: Golden Our
early summer I'm home
golden hour a little less golden when I'm alone
we're still in love they'll keep in touch
I'm older now and its all just too much
i called your phone and it rang

if you loved someone else
would you lie to me and tell me that you never thought about it
would you break my heart
and pretend you didn't feel it as if we gently drifted apart

goodbye june and now
leave like i did
i'll be fine i'll get by i just don't know how
happy birthday seventeen
it's hard to get on with my life when i don't know what any of this means

you know its true
it would tear you up inside and i would desperately cling to you
your wrists would burn at the thought
Track Name: They Them Theirs
peek around the corner
i'm not going in there
for fear of hands cupped around ears and
i see people staring at me

commended for our accepting
society then why do i feel like
there's something wrong with my body
i wish i was like everyone else
i have the right to get married now
which means all of you can stop caring now

but it still hurts when i walk
into a party and notice somebody asking,
do you see that person over there
the short one with short brown hair
i'm not quite sure but i'm assuming
it's a guy 'cause of the clothes
he looks a little young for this place
let's go let him know
Track Name: Karaoke Scene
i want you to touch me
i want you to feel what i feel
are you alright
are you

i know it's been some time
it takes a while to make a mile

well boys don't cry
let's just go home
you'll stay the night
and i'll stare at my phone

so grey the sky when i look at you
are you alright
you don't look so
the bluest eyes in texas
are haunting me tonight

there's something in the water here
and everywhere
it pulls the tears

well boys don't cry
let's just go home
you'll stay the night
and i'll stare at my phone