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Cover Girl 02:53
Why don’t any of these windows Open enough to catch a breeze To air out the smell of laundry At least you never seemed you mind At least you never said you mind I thought I felt you but I was wrong Mistaking you for a pillow felt dumb
Chandler 02:22
She just wants half Less is greater Forget tomorrow Sleep in later Look to my sister Rolls her eyes Leaves in morning Doesn’t say goodbye We’ve got a plan Have it figured out Three day rain Following a draught There’s a better way to break it When I get back Haven’t spoke in years Where’s the party at?
Daycare 02:32
Cloud tanner, sculpted by the day Man eater, terrified of what they'll say Selfless like a mannequin Never seen when the lights are dim And they laughed
Tonka Trucks 02:04
No matter how bland I’ll still call you a friends Even though we haven’t spoke in years Years before tonight But I never tried And you tried I won’t take your hand Until I hear the plan From the mouth of the Standing in the wing when you try When you try I’ll try You put me through a lot When you cracked your skull Does that make me a selfish piece of shit?
Moving 03:45
Driving to the corner store 5 minutes before they close To buy some comfort snack We haven't eaten in days Expel all the dirt from inside The yellow hue is a surprise Home is stuck in time But I'm fine staying in Wonder how friends die While you wait for them to leave Don't smile with your teeth Just say goodbye Deep cracks in the concrete I forget to watch my feet Tears form from the wind While the street cuts my teeth He bites his nails thinking How to help everyone Lies about the burns on his arm But I never say anything
Glitter 03:40
You could have shot me down without a purpose Before i could leave, and announce my absence With tab dancing topics, about the obvious You led us too the point Of the single reason of our close encounter Of a different kind then i’m equipped to deal with And you try your hardest but can’t help but mention The fitting time for rain We only talked for minutes done after weeks of waiting And i don’t feel better then i did prior I’ve been drunk for weeks and can blame the foundation Or that i’m still unemployed Just another complaint that you have to hear And i’m not try to tell you to be nicer to me But we both know my intentions aren’t far from pity Though i’d never admit
Leg Day 03:36
have you gotten sick of living in the thic of it you never thought it true that i could live with you when you finally leave i’ll be so very happy and our friendship will be probably better to i guess i maybe should have more sympathy you didn’t have the whit to close the door when you’re talking shit
Up 02:29
I could keep this Job and still live Fairly Easy Makes my mom queazy I can’t relate To your heart rate I’m so sorry Your calls alarmed me It means something That I feel nothing No pause you let up Called me a fuck up Drunk on the roof We sang old tunes ’til the morning I cried when learning
Oasis 2 00:31
Scabs 02:59
It’s not all bad And the days go by fast I’ll talk your ear off I’ll talk your ear off Been peeling back scabs And taking more hours It’s better than before It’s much better now I make my way out and straight back in again
Colony Park 00:45
You risk you safety in operation When the instruction are in Japanese The timing of our conversation Still eats away at me Who am I to give you direction When I can’t even get out of bed It takes a strange sort of obsession To translate what you said
Barrymore 03:28
Pause when you try to speak You realize while the lights bleed Cry in your sleeve, but not on TV Wonder how long till they see You were a child star But everyone said you took it far Now they’re gone, they don’t care How could they just leave you here


Cuckoo’s debut full-length album Big encapsulates the thoughts and feelings of many a recent college graduate. There are the feelings of loss – the loss of relationships, the loss of familiarity, the loss of comfort. Thoughts of uncertainty and fear. All of these have become embedded in the cultural fabric of our society. It seems a right of passage to work a lousy minimum-wage job post-graduation, realize you need to become a “responsible member of society” and wonder what it all means. But, if you’re lucky, when you’re in this spot you’ll also find yourself in a band with some very rich material to write songs with.

Change isn’t always scary though – sometimes it can be fun. A change in the band’s lineup and instrumentation meant previous songs had to be reworked and written in different keys. The creative process provided the spark of inspiration for the writing of new songs, and eventually, the decision to make a proper full-length album. Somewhere along the way, the name had to go as well. What was formerly “Coo Coo Bad Brains” was now just Cuckoo – a simple and elegant symbol of the natural process of growth that the band had undergone.

Some things will always stay the same though. The boys of Cuckoo still love Duster, Bedhead, and Pavement, as reflected in their soft, slightly off-kilter melancholic grooves and subtle, twangy edge; they still love cute studio tricks (for example, the drums on “Moving” were laid down on an 8-track, then slowed down and recorded over); but above all, they still love making you feel things.

First Base Tapes is proud to announce their latest release: Big, by Cuckoo


released March 2, 2018

Adam Tammariello - Guitar
Colton O’Connor - Baritone
James Calvet - Drums

Mixed/Master by Caden Marchese
Artwork by Daniel Stroh
Bass on all tracks by Nathanael Grandbois

Special Thanks to Kenneth Prior, Jordan Dawson, Michelle Cibel, Niko Kuklin, Cameryn Duarte, Noah Pacheco, Elijah Jarocki, Big Time Rock Music


all rights reserved



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